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Birthdate:Sep 4
Location:Eugene, Oregon, United States of America
Howdy! Nothing too terribly interesting about me. I'm 30, and I live in Eugene, OR.

I used to have a band with some other people in Seattle (, but we fell apart, apparently, while I was in the hospital. I had dubbed it a living room band, to everyone's amusement. This is like a garage band, only warmer. In case you're wondering, I sing, and play a number of instruments with varying degrees of success, including: fiddle and classical violin, viola, and electric bass guitar, bamboo flute, mandolin, piano, and a few other instruments.

I spent the summer of 2003 in and out of the hospital, having multiple brain surgeries due to an HGH-secreting pituitary macroadenoma (2"x4"x4", I think it was) and had both a transphenoidal resection (where they access your brain through your nasal sinuses to get to the underside of your frontal lobe), and a bifrontal craniotomy with gross resection (that's where they slit your head open from ear to ear over the top, and remove a potion of your forehead). As a result, I sort of disappeared off the face of the internet for some time. I'm slowly regaining my presence, and am still getting back into utilizing my LiveJournal and reading Friends lists and such. I am still not back into the habit of making entries regularly myself.

On an entirely different subject, I am a member of the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quaker), and am currently attending Eugene Friends Church, in Eugene, OR. I should specify that my church belongs to the Evangelical Friends Meeting, as opposed to either of the other two types of Friends--Conservative and Liberal, as they are called casually, or Hicksite and Gurneyite, as they are also known. At the moment, however, I am considering attending the local unprogrammed (Liberal) Friends Meeting, given a recent move across town, and in the opposite direction of my church.

I volunteer about 8-10 hours per week at my local Habitat for Humanity office, managing the volunteer information files, both on computer and hard copy. I also volunteer with several local animal rescue organizations, and have an FIV+ foster of my own whom I love dearly. His name is Chico. Everyone loves Chico, and he loves them.

I'm also an officer on several local governmental/non-profit boards concerned with advocacy for those with brain injury, mental illness, low income situations, issues with abuse, homelessness, etc.

Anyway, that's about all that's really pertinent about me that I can think of so far.

Interests (125):

48 hours mystery, 50 cent, all of them. currently reading: stephen lawhead, alternative, amanda marshall, america's got talent, america's test kitchen, american idol, ani difranco, animal rescue, antiques roadshow, beethoven, biggest loser, billy the exterminator, blue bloods, blues, burn notice, caprica, castle, chopped, christian & gospel, christian rock, chuck, classical, cold case, comedy, community, computers, cooking, covert affairs, criminal minds, csi, da vinci's inquest, dance, dead can dance, dead like me, delerium, dilbert, doc martin, dr. who, durufle, electronica, eminem, enya, extreme makeover, family guy, flo rida, folk, fringe, gene simmons: family jewels, glee, godsmack, gonzalo yanez, great big sea, harry's law, haven, hell's kitchen, hip-hop/rap, history detectives, house, ice cube, in plain sight, jeopardy, kitchen nightmares, knitting & crochet, kodo, last of the summer wine, latin, law & order, leonard cohen, lie to me, lisa loeb, mahler, marston smith, masterchef, medium, melissa ethridge, metal, monk, mozart, mu*, music, ncis, new age, new tricks, nova, numb3rs, one funny hick-spanic, orgy, outsourced, paper route gangstaz, parenthood, pop, prog, punk, puzzles, rock, royal pains, rpg, sean mccann, sherlock holmes, so you think you can dance, stone undercover, suits, super size me, supernatural, switchfoot, taboo, the animal extractors, the chicago code, the closer, the colbert report, the daily show, the dresden files, the good guys, the irish descendants, the mentalist, the script, throwdown with bobby flay, timbaland, ugly betty, utah phillips, volumen cero, warehouse 13, world
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